Personal Branding

Designed in deep collaboration with myself (and an engineer with a laser cutter), this personal branding project was born out of my love for colours, typographic detailing and designing little joyous experiences out of the ordinarily mundane.

Weaving my personal and professional identity as a thinker, storyteller and designer all throughout my branding, I also created three anti-interview spinning questionnaires, each hand crafted with lasercut wood, black spray paint and printed adhesives.

On one level, these three thinking, storytelling and designing spinners were made to instill a little more fun into the recruitment process so that both interviewer and interviewee can get to know each other as both designers and as humans. 

On another, they are born out of my belief that all experiences can be designed to be just a little more enjoyable. 

Even the most nerve-wracking ones.

MOCKUP all.jpg