Challenge 5 to 9

The learning that university provides is fundamental. But often, the most important learning is the learning that happens outside of the classroom. The learning that helps students to become fully fledged human beings who understand themselves, and others around them. 

In a brief that asked us to examine how to foster lifelong learning within UTS, I first had to ask the question – what exactly are we learning in university now that will not only be relevant in one job, but across all jobs? Even more than that, what are we learning that is not only going to be relevant not only across all industries, but across all aspects of our lives? 

Through undertaking a user-led design process, Challenge 5 to 9 is what emerged. Through playful challenges such as speaking to strangers in bars about their passion, Challenge 5 to 9 is a service design movement that helps university students realise the value of emotional intelligence, as well as offering them integrated ways to improve this invaluable set of skills in the everyday.

Because at the end of the day, technical skills aren’t enough. You need to learn how to make it into a 9 to 5, from the hours of 5 to 9.

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